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g) Submitting Suggestions

Provides a method for approved users to submit suggestions and feature requests for XenDirect.


Release 3:    Header »» Tools »» Submit Suggestion
Release 2:    Admin Menu »» System Tools »» Submit Suggestion

Applies To:    Enterprise    Plus    Basic


  • The Submit Suggestion menu option is only available for users with permissions.  The system administrator should provide permissions for this menu option only to users approved to submit suggestions. Suggestions submitted are assumed to be approved by the administration of the customer organization. 
  • Use this method rather than the Support Center ticket system to submit suggestions leaving the ticket system for support issues.
  • This process can also be used to submit an idea as a guest blogger in the Xenegrade blog site.
  • Once submitted, the user will receive an automated email reply that the suggestion has been received.

How We Handle Feature Requests

XenDirect is a comprehensive system used by thousands of users in several countries. That means we receive a lot of great feedback, suggestions, and desires from customers of all types and desires.

Unfortunately, this means we need to say 'no' from time to time. In most cases, we are unable to provide a response or time frame to each feature request. However, we do read all of the suggestions sent to us, and prioritize feature requests based on several factors.

We want to be transparent about the way we handle feature requests, so have outlined how we handle feature requests below.  With several hundred suggestions received each year, it is not unusual that some approved suggestions may not make it to the programming level for a year or more.

Feature requests in general

  • You are invited to submit suggestions about feature requests using the Submit Suggestion menu option within XenDirect.
  • We do not implement suggestions based solely on their popularity or date received - we take a number of factors into consideration.
    • Regularly scheduled upgrades and maintenance tasks
    • New feature tasks
    • Paid custom tasks
    • Day-to-day unexpected programming needs
    • Other unknown factors
  • We do not provide ETAs for feature requests or publish long term roadmaps at this time.

Making a feature request

  • Submissions are reviewed regularly.  Once reviewed, a reply will be emailed on the status of the suggestion.
  • A submission reply is not an automatic guarantee of acceptance.
  • We take into account several factors when deciding which feature requests to implement. This is a combination of feedback from our customers, database experts, our market research, the availability of our team and resources and how the feature fits in with our long-term product plans and strategy.

Tracking feature requests

  • When we decide to implement a feature request, we log it in our development tracker.
  • When we schedule a feature request, we set a 'target version' for the entry in the development tracker.
  • When we deploy a feature request, we post the feature in the Updates/Events feature within XenDirect.
  • We use internal product road maps to plan our future releases, but do not publish long-term road maps.




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