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a) Licensed Support

Licensed Support

  • Standard licensee agreements include unlimited support during the licensing period for customers in good standing.
  • Support covers the staff and users of the licensed organization.  Support does not include the clients/students of the licensed organization.  Xenegrade support staff is restricted from communicating with clients/students of the licensed organization.
  • The online Support Center as the first line of contact for support.  The online Support Center includes the XenDirect help files (knowledgebase) and a support ticket system used to report all errors and questions for XenDirect and related modules.
  • The online Support Center is monitored 24/7.  Xenegrade strives to respond to tickets on a mean time of 30 minutes during normal Monday-Friday work days between 8 AM and 5 PM ET. For tickets submitted outside the normal work times and days, Xenegrade strives to respond to tickets on a mean time of 12 hours depending on the issues outlined in the ticket.  Each ticket submitted off-hours is treated on a case by case basis.
  • Login to the Support Center is required to submit a support ticket.
  • System Unavailable:  For situations where the system is unavailable, a ticket should be submitted through the Support Center and tagged as “System Unavailable” priority.  The Support Center sends a text message to the support staff on duty.  The support staff will then review the ticket and issue submitted.
  • For customers they choose more support, there is an Enhanced Support option.

The Support Center

The Support Center is the primary method of support for all XenDirect users.  The Support Center contains four main functions:

Support Topics

Xenegrade support is limited to the use and support of the XenDirect software application and related modules.  Programming in other applications such as HTML, MS Access, MS SQL, or other coding and programming languages is not supported.  Users should obtain the skills for these peripheral areas independent from Xenegrade support.

In general, Xenegrade support limits or restricts assistance and recommendations on:

  • Accounting practices or decisions
  • HTML use
  • Query development
  • Report design
  • The operation of software applications of other vendors related to functions integrated into XenDirect


The Knowledgebase categories are organized mostly based on functions, so it is easy to locate the topic area you desire.  When accessing the Knowledgebase from the links within XenDirect, most Help buttons are context sensitive and will navigate to the related topic.  The Support link in the XenDirect header will navigate only to the Support Center home page.

You can also use the Knowledgebase search box to locate help articles for a specific topic or keyword.  If the search results are not what you expected, try a less narrow keyword search or fewer words in the search box.  To search for phrases, use quotes around the entire phrase such as "purchase order".

When logged into your account, search results may often also include tickets you have submitted that meet the same criteria.  To prevent these tickets from displaying in the results, perform your search while logged out of your support account.

Note that help articles are tagged with the XenDirect versions for which they are attributable.  Enterprise, Plus, and Basic will appear on every Help article if the content is relevant to that version of XenDirect.  In some cases, fields may be exclusive or specific to a specific country or state or special reporting group.  These fields may be referenced in the knowledgebase, but may not visible based on your display.

Maintaining the knowledgebase for a software application is an ongoing process. Xenegrade takes extensive efforts to assure that the knowledgebase is up to date, accurate, and complete. Knowledgebase content may change without notice as part of the improvement process.


The News section shares the latest shared news and support articles. 

  • Release 3: This News is the same news seen within the XenDirect header.
  • Release 2: This News is the same news seen within the XenDirect dashboard.


The Troubleshooter is a step by step problem-solving process for some unique situations to help the user identify the solution to an issue.  Just follow the steps listed.

 User Beta Testing Tool

Xenegrade values the input of users into new features as often as possible.  Sometimes this input is during the design stage and at other times after the feature is available.  The User Beta Testing Tool allows designated users the ability to review certain beta or test features after the design stage and prior to the feature going live.  Xenegrade provides a method for designated users to provide input via the Support Center ticket system on beta testing features.

Setting Up Designated Users

  • One or more user records to participate in the User Beta Testing process.  Participating is voluntary.
  • Go to Admin Menu »» Settings »» Users and edit the desired user accounts.
  • Set the [Allow BETA Testing] field to Yes to enable.
  • Save the user record.
  • It is the intent of this beta testing tool that only 1-3 users per customer site would be designated to participate.  If an organization designates all its users as beta testing participants, Xenegrade will request that the participant list be reduced down to 1-3 participants.

How the Beta Testing Process Works

  • When a Beta Testing feature is available, it will be announced in the Updates/Events of the Xenegrade menu.  Participant users should check the Updates list regularly.  Search the available list where [Category] = "Beta Testing".  The listing will provide all details the participant needs to participate on that specific beta feature.
  • If the participant desires to comment on or provide input about the beta feature, they should submit a ticket in the Support System with their comments/input.  User comments and input will be taken into account before the final live deployment.  However, there is no guarantee that specific user input will translate into changes in the feature. 
  • Every beta testing announcement will contain a deadline date.  All comments/input should be submitted before that deadline date.
  • After the deadline date, Xenegrade will modify the feature as it deems appropriate and deploy the feature live and list the feature in Updates as usual.

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