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A) What is InSight

About InSight

Insight is an integrated Reporting Management System (RMS) with features that allow organizations to easily transform raw data into meaningful and useful information. InSight is a tool that supports intelligent business processes to help identify and develop new opportunities resulting in an effective strategy towards a competitive market advantage.  InSight brings instant information to decision-makers at all levels and delivers it in a format that supports intelligent decisions.  Imagine being able to create custom reports and graphs and save them to run again in the future.  Or how about performing data mining and analysis to determine where your program is most and least effective.

With InSight, numerous data table and graph features expand the reporting function into a user-defined 
experience.  Users can change report filters, create reports, and even dashboards.  Some report templates even contain the option to set key performance Indicators that will flag report data for instant attention.

Have a presentation to prepare for your next meeting?  Create a custom dashboard that displays your presentation in graphical format and run the presentation live from within XenDirect.  Drill down into the data with just a few mouse clicks for a presentation that is spot on and impressive.

InSight includes the same built-in XenDirect reports that existed prior to InSight, plus more.  The existing Snapshots and Dashboards are also upgraded to more graphical formats, some with drill-down capabilities.  And if you need to have a report ready as you 
arrive at the office on Monday morning to start your planning, you can schedule a report to be ready when you arrive.

Depending on the InSight user level, users can modify existing built-in reports, add and remove columns, and then save as a new report.  The same functions that you use to modify reports can also be used on existing built-in dashboards.  There are no tools to download or Flash to install.  InSight is 100% embedded into XenDirect.  The most advanced level adds the ability to create custom queries, reports, and dashboards from scratch.  InSight Pro even supports the creation of legacy reports or match existing reports down to the finest detail including forms and certificates.

That’s business intelligence right at your fingertips. That’s InSight!!

User Levels

There are two user levels for InSight with the following features.  Contact Xenegrade sales about the cost of upgrading users from Essentials to Pro level.

  • The InSight level is set in the XenDirect User record.  The User record must contain a value in the [First Name] and [Last name] fields to properly access InSight.
  • Essentials level is the default value.
  • When an InSight user level is changed, the user will see the change the next time they log in.  If logged in when the change is made, the user should either log out and back in again or refresh the InSight page.
  • To move Pro level from one user to another, set the current Pro user to Essentials, and then set the other user to Pro.

Essentials Level

  • Access to all InSight reports and dashboards based on permissions assigned by the organization's system administrator.
  • Ability to temporarily alter, add, and remove report filters when running reports. Filter modifications cannot be saved, however.
  • Ability to export reports using the integrated export functions.

Pro Level

  • All the features of Essentials... plus:
  • Copy built-in InSight reports, forms, and dashboards and edit the copy as desired.
  • Determine access to new reports based on InSight level.
  • Access to all report, form, and dashboard features.
  • Ability to create reports, forms, and dashboards from scratch without using an existing InSight built-in report design.

InSight Pro

InSight Pro allows users to design their own reports within the InSight framework. InSight is a powerful report designer and generator.

Pro users should have the following skills to properly use InSight Pro. Xenegrade support is limited in their ability to assist users that do not possess the proper skills and experience.

  • Microsoft SQL table relationships understanding.
  • Microsoft SQL query development experience.
  • Report design experience with similar report generators including an understanding of headers, footers, styling, and layout.
  • HTML experience. (HTML is needed for InSight Form reports, but not for InSight grids and charts.)

InSight Support

Support for reports modified and created by licensed InSight users is limited to the design features of InSight.  Support does not cover debugging, analysis, or review of report designs for accuracy or outcome specifications.

Requests for report debugging, analysis or design assistance would be on a custom basis at the current custom programming rate.

Xenegrade support is limited in their ability to assist Pro users that do not possess the proper programming and design skills and experience to design and create reports.

InSight supports the use of all browsers except Internet Explorer.  InSight is tested with Firefox and Chrome.  With browser updates occurring almost daily, users should report browser related issues via a support ticket when they occur.

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