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b) Submitting Support Tickets

The online ticket system used by Xenegrade is a FIFO (First-In, First-Out) based method and is the method by which users can submit inquiries or report issues regarding XenDirect. This is the primary method of contact with Xenegrade support personnel. Phone support is a LIFO, Last-In-First-Out method, and is used only when an emergency or other priority is deemed necessary by the Xenegrade support staff.

Xenegrade uses a FIFO method of providing support services to customers, meaning the First-In, First-Out. A FIFO method is the fairest and most appropriate method of support because it allows customers that submitted a support request first are the first served. FIFO is followed by support staff unless an emergency or other factors warrant a change of priorities.

How To Use The Ticket System

  1. From within XenDirect, click the Support link in the header. Users can also navigate directly to as an alternative.
  2. To use the Ticket System, you must register. You only need to register one time. Click the Register button on the home page and follow the steps to register.
  3. Once registered, you can submit support tickets via email or via the Support Center. As you submit a support ticket, you will receive via email an automatic reply that the ticket has been received. There is nothing you need to do with that email at this point.
    • Support Center Submit: Login to the Support Center using the email and password you used when you registered. Once logged in, click on the [Submit A Ticket] button and follow the steps.
      Email Submit: From the same email address you used when you registered, send an email to
    • Be sure to be as detailed as possible and provide real examples whenever possible.
    • The ticket [Subject] should also be descriptive and not just a plain subject such as “Questions” or "Help".
    • Please submit different topics in different tickets rather than one ticket with many questions. Tickets with many questions tend to lose track of some of the questions along the process.
  4. When support personnel reply to the ticket, an automated reply is sent via email. You can reply using either of two methods:
    • Support Center Login: Login to the Support Center using the email and password you used when you registered. Once logged in, click on the View Tickets button. You can review the response and reply if desired. Use this method if you discover that you are not able to receive email replies from the Support Center.
    • Email: You can reply directly from the email response. Do not change the subject line as that information is important for the ticket system to recognize the ticket details.
  5. The ticket reply process will continue as a conversation until the matter is resolved. Once a ticket is closed, you can still re-open the same ticket if needed.
  6. Once closed, the user may receive an email to complete a very short ticket survey. This survey is optional but replies do help Xenegrade improve the support system.
  7. You can log into the Support Center at any time to view your new and old tickets. If you forget your password, you can use the Forgot Password option to retrieve it via email.

Ticket Contents

  • Priorities: When entering a new ticket and selecting the value for the Priority, use this guide to determine the proper value.
    • Inquiry: Use when submitting a question or clarifying information from the support center knowledge base or was unable to locate the information.
    • Error/Bug: Use when submitting a possible bug or error.
    • Critical: Use when the ticket contents contains an issue that is urgent or critical to using the system.
    • System Unavailable: Use only when there is an issue that is preventing the use of the system in some manner, especially after normal business hours and weekends. This priority should be used sparingly as it triggers a cascade of text messages to various support staff and initiates a different level of response.
  • Subject Line: Be as descriptive as possible. Try to avoid plain subject lines such as “Questions” or "Help". Tickets with less descriptive subject lines are more difficult to locate when searching a long list of tickets.
  • Include Examples: Tickets with examples included are resolved much faster than those without examples. Please include a course code, client ID, client name, or some form of information that will help support staff review the issue.


  • It is the responsibility of the user and their employer to perform data entry functions. Xenegrade support staff are not responsible for performing data entry.
  • When users create very complicated combinations of record entry with excessive numbers of transfers, deletes, credits, refunds and other related transactions, it is not the responsibility of Xenegrade support staff to determine how to undo overly complicated situations. That responsibility remains with the user and their employer.
  • It is Xenegrade's policy that financial record keeping and accounting recommendations by Xenegrade employees are limited to reviewing the options that are available within the XenDirect registration software application. Decisions about financial record keeping and accounting are the responsibility of the customer. When financial questions exist, Xenegrade recommends users contact their business officials regarding accounting practices.

Rejected Tickets Submitted by Email

  • If a ticket is submitted by email from an email address that is not linked to a registered user in the Support Center, the ticket will be rejected. The sender will receive a reply email as follows:

Your ticket has not been accepted into the system. You are required to create an account before you can create any tickets via email. Please register at the following URL:

Once registered, you will be able to submit tickets directly by sending us an email. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Support Center:

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