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c) Emergency Situations

When an emergency exists and you have ruled out a local issue, submit a support ticket as soon as possible.

  • Priority = System Unavailable: This means you cannot access XenDirect or there appears to be some form of failure that is preventing you from using XenDirect. This priority triggers a cascade of text messages to various support staff and initiates a different level of response. Outside normal business hours and on weekends, it is crucial to use this priority when the issue warrants immediate attention.
  • Subject Line: Be as descriptive as possible. Try to avoid plain subject lines such as "Help".
  • Include Examples: Tickets with examples included are resolved much faster than those without examples, especially if you receive some form of a prompt or error message.

Xenegrade has support staff on call 24/7. As an emergency ticket arrives, support staff are contacted and respond to the ticket as soon as possible.

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