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f) Supported Browsers

XenDirect is designed to operate using numerous browsers.

Maintaining browser compatibility is an extraordinarily difficult task.  With browser releases available almost daily, it is difficult to test all XenDirect features and operations in every browser and browser version.  Xenegrade does its best to maintain compatibility in all common browsers.  However, it is not uncommon that a new browser version release could have a negative effect on just one feature.  As a result, users often discover browser issues before Xenegrade staff.  Here are some browser considerations:

  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge are the primary browsers Xenegrade supports.
  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported.
  • Update your browser and use the latest version available.
  • If an issue arises, try using an alternate browser and test the feature. If the feature fails only in one browser, submit a support ticket to report the browser compatibility issue.
  • Release 2: Only browsers that support ActiveX will support the printing functions from the Report Menu.

With the gradual removal of TLS v1, many older browsers will not be able to access XenDirect due to enhanced security. Xenegrade recommends using the latest version of a browser to obtain the best performance and compatibility. Browsers and browser versions that are no longer supported by their manufacturer are also not supported by Xenegrade. Bugs or performance issues that appear only when using unsupported browsers are not researched or corrected by Xenegrade.

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