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  • Table Structure

    Discover how the data is designed.

  • Clients

    Clients are your students and learners.

  • Companies

    These are your B2B contacts.

  • Courses and Sections

    These two areas make up the core of your services.

  • Conferences

    Covering conferences, trade shows, and similar services.

  • Products

    When you decide you need offer "things" to sell.

  • Memberships

    There are three types of optional memberships.

  • Prepaids

    Purchases such as gift certificates and prepaid tuitions.

  • Donations

    When your customer just wants to donate money.

  • Bundles

    Creating a package option of more than one service or offering.

  • Staff

    These are the people you pay to manage and provide your services.

  • Financial

    From invoices and payments to grants and funding.

  • Select Lists

    Need to populate all those drop down fields? Look here.

  • How to Use InSight

    InSight is the powerful reporting tool of XenDirect.

  • Action

    Reports often used for immediate decision making.

  • Attendance

    Reports related to Client attendance.

  • Clients

    Reports related to Client profiles.

  • Companies

    Reports related to your B2B partners and employers.

  • Courses

    Reports related to your service offerings.

  • Enrollments

    Reports related to enrollments and rosters.

  • Financial

    Reports related to revenue and expenses.

  • Outcomes

    Reports related to Client goals, achievements, and testing.

  • Staff

    Reports related to your personnel.

  • System

    Reports used for exports or related system data.

  • Visualizations

    The graphs and charts used in reports, dashboards, and snapshots.

  • Local/Custom

    Customer specific reporting reference guides.

  • Dashboards

    Multi-display charts and graphs focused on a specific performance topic.

  • InSight Pro

    When you want to design reports and dashboards inhouse.

  • Email

    What you need to know to send emails.

  • Letters/Forms

    Creating letters or forms from templates used in reporting.

  • SMS Text

    When sending text messages is the best way to communicate.

  • Snapshots

    Knowing what's going at this moment in a summary format.

Popular in QuickTools Instructor Module

  • Application Module

    A customer specific integration for Clients to submit a program enrollment application.

  • Canvas LMS

    A common LMS platform.

  • Ed2Go

    A course content provider with courses you can offer to your customers.

  • ProTrain

    A course content provider with courses you can offer to your customers.

  • Sakai

    An LMS platform for course content.

  • Salesforce

    A commonly used CRM for B2B and B2C management.

  • UGotClass

    A vendor specific LMS platform.

  • ODBC

    Accessing XenDirect data from outside the modules.